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About Us


Suppliers Of Quality Metal Polishing Kits, Polishing Mops, Metal Polishing Compounds
And Polishing Accessories.


From small beginnings in 2007 Metal Polishing Supplies UK Ltd has become a leading supplier of metal polishing kits, polishing mops and buffing wheels, metal polishing compounds, metal polishes and related metal polishing accessories.  

We have developed a range of quality Metal Polishing Kits for Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Alloys and Steel that will run on a rotary hobby tool such as a Dremel, a standard electric drill or for heavier polishing requirements, on a bench grinder. Also part of our range is dedicated to Jewellery Polishing which includes polishing kits for gold, silver and platinum that will either run off a rotary hobby tool such as a Dremel or a bench grinder. We also supply all the spares and consumables for these kits all of which are available on our website.  

Over the years we have developed a client base of thousands of satisfied customers from around the world including The United States, Ireland, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Spain, Portugal and as far away as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Honolulu.  

We guarantee that all our products are of the highest quality and standard and our philosophy is one of customer service and satisfaction, we endeavour to deliver orders timelessly and respond to enquiries as quickly as possible.