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BRITEMAX - Detailing Products

Britemax car polishing and detailing products is a unique Partnership – British owned Britemax offer a full range of USA manufactured Professional Detailing Products which include body shop safe non-silicone compounds, glazes, sealants and waxes formulated to provide long lasting shine and protection. Rubber, vinyl and leather conditioners, pH balanced cleaner, safe degreaser, iron remover, metal polish & sealant and premium detailing spray.

The Britemax range has been re-engineered and a number of new products introduced, - the latest being Iron Max an award winning iron remover and cleaner that is not only easy to use, it even smells good. Britemax is now seen as a "must have" brand, with numerous reviews in the press, forums, and social networking sites. Our aim is simple - to bring to you the finest quality Award Winning products that are safe and easy to use; and offer the best value.

  • Britemax Clean Max pH Neutral Car Shampoo

    Britemax Clean Max pH Neutral Car Shampoo

    Britemax Clean Max is a fortified blend of mild surfactants and cleaners formulated to be a power cleaner yet gentle on the paint and the environment. Britemax Clean Max was developed to remove the toughest vehicle grime including bugs and tar while...

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