Chrome Polishing Guide



Step By Step Guide To Polishing Chrome

Important: Please remember to clean and de-grease the item you wish to polish. Unclean / dirty / greasy material should be prepared properly before being polished.

1. Attach the tapered mandrel to your drill, or bench grinder spindle adapter to your machine and fix tightly. 

2. Attach the White Stitch polishing wheel onto the mandrel / adaptor and screw on tightly.  

3. Run the machine and apply the Pro-Max Pink polishing compound to the White Stitch polishing wheel for approximately 2 seconds. The metal polishing compound is wax and abrasive based so the motion of the spinning polishing wheel generates heat which melts the wax and abrasive onto the polishing buffing wheel.  

4. Apply the polishing buffing wheel or present the item to be polished with medium pressure. It is very important that you remove all marks and leave a uniform finish. 

5. Apply more polishing compound to the White Stitch polishing buffing wheel when required.  

6. When all marks are removed and the work piece has a uniform dull finish, remove the White Stitch polishing wheel. 

7. Attach the WDR Swansdown buffing wheel onto the mandrel or adapter and screw on tightly.  

8. Run the machine and gently use this polishing wheel to buff up the chrome, this should remove any black compound marks and bring the piece up to a high luster shine. 

9. Clean the polished article with the microfiber cloth provided and protect with a good wax based polish. 


Top Tips.

  • Try to constantly vary the directions of which you polish. This is not always possible but recommended as some articles may be an unsuitable size and shape.

  • Use the polishing compound sparingly, black grease marks will appear on work piece if too much polishing compound has been applied to the polishing buffing wheel.
  • Remember: apply polishing compound little and often. 
  • If it is possible, polish across marks / scratches - not along them. 
  • Remember to wear appropriate safety gear.

  • If you are polishing small articles then you can fix your drill into a vice, this will enable you to polish these small articles with ease.

Health & Safety

Always use safety equipment - dust mask, safety spectacles and gloves should be worn at all times.  

Always apply the item being finished to the area of the mop which is rotating away from yourself.