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Jewellery Polishing Machines

small-free-delivery.jpgJewellery Bench Grinder Polisher Polishing Machines / Bench Polishers.

Take a look at our great range of jewellery bench grinder polishers that are extremely versatile and come with great flexibility as you can use the bench grinder as a normal bench grinder, bench grinder polisher or as a dedicated jewellery polishing machine The machines come in different sizes from our Silverline 3" - 120W variable speed jewellery bench grinder polisher to our top of the range Draper 8" - 550W jewellery bench grinder polisher.

Each machine comes with a quality Pro-Max jewellery bench grinder polishing kit that includes quality polishing mops and polishing compounds as well as a jewellery polishing guide and instructions on how to convert the bench grinder into a polishing machine.