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Silverline Bench Grinders

Select from our great range of Silverline bench grinders below. The range includes machines available from the compact 3" 120W machine to the 6" 150W machine ideal for any light and intricate work in any workshop.

  • Silverline Bench Grinder 6" 150W

    Silverline Bench Grinder 6" 150W

    This great quality Silverline 150W - 6" bench grinder is fitted with 150mm coarse (36 grit) and fine grade (60 grit) grinding wheels.Strong cast-aluminium body houses a long-life 150W induction motor with sealed bearings.Bolt holes and rubber mounting...

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  • Silverline 3" 120W Variable Speed Mini Bench Grinder

    Silverline Mini Bench Grinder 3" 120W Variable Speed

    This great quality versatile Silverline 120W variable speed mini bench grinder and polisher comes with a handy flexible drive shaft grinding attachment. This machine comes with a fine (80 grit) grinding stone and felt polishing wheel. Included are...

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